Friday, February 1, 2008

Notes from Neubrander

Dr. Neubrander's focus was helping parents decide which biomedical treatments give you the most "bang for your buck". Here are the notes I took during the presentation:

Our children suffer from:
*oxidative stress
*toxins & heavy metals
*methylation & transulfuration issues

We need to improve:
*nutritional support
*immune function

ARI's parent reports show the strongest results from the following treatments:
1. chelation/detox
2. SCD
4. Melatonin
5. B12
6. Allergy Dx
7. digestive enzymes
8. fatty acids
9. yeast diet
10. Feingold diet

The physician reports on the same site give a similar picture. They list the most effective treatments as:
1. MB12 (Dr. Neubrander says he gives it for 26-42 mos. in his practice and feels many don't give it long enough)
3. IV Chelation
4. Healing the Gut
5. Diet supplements

The parent ratings can be found at:

The site in general- provides a wealth of information and you should spend time studying all it has to offer.

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