Friday, February 29, 2008

Advocate Without A Dog in the Hunt- Deirdre Imus

As much as I appreciate the parents and grandparents of children with autism who are advocates for safer vaccines and biomedical treatment, it takes a really special person to run to our aid even though they are not personally affected. Deirdre is one of those people- sounding the alarm, being a voice for us. In her work for children with cancer as well as autism, she is tireless in her drive to help.
In her talk at the conference, she discussed the Hackensack New Jersey School with the autism cluster, where 24/42 kids under ten born to teachers there have a neurodevelopmental disorder- that's 57%, folks! Ten of those have autism. Her foundation led the charge and funded a study to try to determine why.
She reinforced the idea that there is NO SCIENTIST who can prove the safety of any level of mercury. It has't happened, and it never will.
Our kids suffer from toxic overload, due to many factors: an accelerated vaccine schedule, malnutrition/decreased absorption/mineral levels, and an inability to excrete & detox.
She has written a book and developed a line of cleaning products called "Greening the Cleaning" which are now being used in some schools and hospitals. They have been rigorously tested, since the popular notion floating wround out there is that "if it's natural, it doesn't work as well." In addition, she said that hospitals have been surprised to find that they've actually saved money when switching to this program.
Her website is, and it is loaded with good information about becoming more eco-minded, as well as a link to the hospital she helped create which is completely environmentally friendly. You can watch a video tour on the site- and it is fascinating and inspiring! You can also follow the links to order Greening the Cleaning products for your home.

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