Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Roots of Autism- Dan Olmsted

While we have several friends in the world of journalism, Mr. Olmsted is in our top five "best buds" list. Here I should give a "shout out" to some of our other friends in the media world: David Kirby, Deidre & Don Imus, Ashley Reynolds, Oprah, Larry King, and Jill Neimark.
Dan Olmsted penned the Age of Autism series as a senior editor for UPI and now manages the Age of Autism blog as senior editor. I encourage you to check it every week, as it always contains timely & well-written commentary on current events related to autism. You can also read the original series using the links to the right on the Age of Autism site.
In his talk at the NAA Conference, Olmsted discussed some of Leo Kanner's autism cases.Kanner wrote a paper in 1943 which contained case studies of 11 children with autism- these were the first known cases of this disorder. There are no credible pre-1930 cases(important due to the mercury factor in terms of use in commercial products, which did not begin until this time period).
Mr. Olmsted began looking at the eleven case histories, starting with the first three. Through extensive research, he found a common denominator- parents of these children worked with mercury-containing fungicides. Coincidence?
Even if mercury is not the only factor, more and more research is coming to light which highlights the probability that chemicals and toxins play a role in the development of autism.
Interestingly, case 1, Donald T. recovered significantly from autism due to medical treatment for another ailment-juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. at play as well. Sound familiar? He was treated with "gold salts", a remedy used at the time. From one of Mr. Olmsted's columns:
That caught the attention of Boyd Haley, a chemistry professor at the University of Kentucky and a leading proponent of the mercury-autism theory. In our last column we reported the results of a test he conducted to see whether gold salts would pull mercury off a chemical compound.It did. Gold salts "can reverse the binding" of mercury to molecules, Haley said, adding, "This does lend support to the possible removal of mercury from biological proteins in individuals treated with gold salts."
Parents of affected children have been intrigued by this, but have been reluctant to introduce yet another metal to bodies of children who have shown difficulty in excreting them, and gold has no place or function in the human body.
Fortunately Dr. Haley has created a safe chelator which can remove mercury more safely than any of the compounds now available. Hopefully it will be approved within the year.
Once again he the need is highlighted for a study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations, as well as the interventions parents say are working. This has become our battle cry, and we will not lay down our arms until these demands are met. Militant? Nah. Necessary.

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