Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral- The Boys from NIH

O.K. So two big guns from NIH came to speak to us. They HAD to know they were entering hostile enemy territory..., so you have to have a little respect for the fact that they chose to brave the storm. And my impression was that they are nice men...deluded, but they didn't seem like Satan's minions(Paul Offit is another story altogether).
First up, Dr. Thomas Insel, director of NIMH. He admitted the increased prevalence of ASD and said that while genetics do play a role, we need well-designed studies to get at the root of the environmental factors. When he suggested developing a "vaccine" for autism, there was an audible gasp in the audience. He quickly explained that he didn't mean a shot per se, but a prevention strategy. Still. Gasp.
At some point during Insel's speech, Jenny McCarthy and her crew came sneaking in through the back door. She remained crouched for the rest of the speeches.
Dr. Sam Wilson spoke next. He is the director for the Environmental Health Sciences Dept. at NIH. It was even more difficult to listen to him because a) I was dying to see what Jenny was up to and b) he was seriously talking down to us as though we did not have any grasp of science or the ability to process "big words". Besides that, the man is just not a speaker. The monotone was not conducive to anything but a nice nap. People around me were grumbling about being talked down to.
After the speeches were over, Jenny had her camera people set up to film people lining up to ask questions of the speakers...but then she left. When I asked her later why she didn't stay to watch and ask a few questions herself, she said that it was the parents' time to talk, and that she didn't want to overshadow us. Admirable, but I would have loved to see it nonetheless.
Questions were for the most part rather hostile. One mom angrily questioned the use of the word "vaccine" to this audience. She felt it was purposely chosen to anger us. Most of the audience (including me) seemed to disagree, but I think we can all agree that it was certainly an ill-chosen word, considering the audience and what we believe happened to our children.
Another question from Dr. Deth was really more of an admonition, in which he explained that we as parents are extremely well-versed in the science and do not need to be patronized. Wendy Fournier asked when we would see a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study. I believe it was at this point that Insel showed his true thoughts on this issue and asked if we'd ever seen a child die of...I don't remember...measles or something. Answer:no. But I will tell you that the only illness we vaccinate for that my mother is scared of is polio. But if I had it to do all over again, I would not vaccinate my child against polio. Why? you might ask. Because polio has been eradicated in America and the only cases of polio we've seen over the last few decades have been cases CAUSED by the vaccine! So if I am afraid of polio, my best bet by far statistically is NOT to vaccinate! Insel also said that we should present a well-designed study and it would be considered. PLEASE. If NIH, CDC & pals thought such a study would exonerate their precious vaccine program, it would have been done yesterday and flaunted before us all. The vaccine schedule is out of control. Thanks to the mom from EOHarm, who posted this study out of the Netherlands showing that not only is autism higher in vaccinated populations, so is asthma, aggression, eczema...the list goes on. Take a look for yourself:
Of course Generation Rescue's phone survey showed similar data. Our children are more sickly than ever before. Rep. Maloney from New York has a bill which would mandate that the government perform a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study. Gee, think it will pass?

Lots of questions were asked, very few concrete answers were given. Some fireworks, but no promises, no resolution. Overall a standoff...and I wish I saw an outcome in my crystal ball, but it's not looking good. Jenny McCarthy has made the hope of a safer vaccine program seem more attainable...but it still seems light years away.

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