Friday, December 21, 2007

Beautiful Son is Beautiful

Huh? Is the title a typo? Not at all. The documentary Beautiful Son was shown to us on Friday night at the conference, and we were fortunate to have the producer (and father of that beautiful son)- Don King- there at the conference. Please go to the website to see more. In addition to being producer and dad to Beau, here is more about Don, from the site:

Don King: Director, Cinematographer
Don King has been making waves in Hollywood for years. He is best known for his underwater cinematography and second unit D.P. work in such films as Cast Away, Die Another Day, Riding Giants, Blue Crush and Charlie's Angels II. Don is currently shooting (on land & sea) for the Emmy award winning TV series LOST.

And while the subject matter is at times hard to watch as it mirrors so many of our own arduous personal journeys with our children, it is absolutely beautiful, both from a cinematography standpoint, and also from the perspective of admiring Don & Julianne as parents. I am especially grateful that this couple shows the journey to recovery, warts and all. They have included some of the tension between themselves as a couple and even the struggles that siblings face.
PBS will be showing this film in April, but here's the catch: it will be up to each local station as to whether to air it or not. I'm sure Don & Julianne will let us know when to flood our stations with phone calls, and believe me, you should do it. This is a film you do not want to miss!

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